The Town

23 Jul

By brian

As the Green Band disappears, I’m thinking “Heat” slash “Point Break.”  Say what you will, but you know you liked “Point Break”….stop denying it or I’ll tell your Mom.  It’s the classic clever criminal versus the tenacious law man.  It may not be the most original plot, but you know what kind of frame work we have to jump off of and we can expect some of the obligatory chase scenes, back alley face-offs and interrogation room intimidation.  Even though we’ve seen this type of movie before, we’ve almost always been entertained by them.

This is also another caper movie with Boston accents.  No matter how authentic they are, they always sound fake.  Despite the bad taste it leaves, I stopped noticing it in movies like “The Departed,” “Gone Baby Gone,” and “Mystic River.”  Good movies have a knack for making the ear-raking “Baastan” accent disappear.

As the trailer moves along, one can’t help noticing the star power in this movie.  First there’s Ben Affleck.  A schizophrenic actor who can easily post career making and breaking performances in the same year, it seems setting a movie in New England releases his acting brakes and he’s almost certain to kill the game.

Next, Jeremy Renner.  Is there a star burning brighter than he is right now?  Coming off the heels of “The Hurt Locker,” Renner plays another cowboy type…a loose cannon…also a role in which he thrives.  He is so much fun to watch as a villain.  He was the best thing about “SWAT” except for that guy from “Sports Night” as the traitor…who saw it coming?…oh yeah, everyone.  Renner smoldered in the methodical scenes of “The Hurt Locker.”  They played out so suspensefully and he looks to be able to speed up the action in this trailer.  I’m excited that he is the bad guy.  It seems when a good actor is let off the leash to be wicked (Christopher Walken “The Prophecy” or Val Kilmer “Tombstone”), they really have fun with it.

Jon Hamm plays the FBI agent dead set on bringing down Affleck.  Admittedly I don’t watch “Mad Men.”  I’ve seen some episodes and clearly Hamm is the lead for a reason.  His short story arc in last season’s “30 Rock” proved he can take on any role.  Even as a comical character, he played it with such nuance, he made a grab at ratings a memorable role.  Perhaps he poured more than he needed into Liz Lemmon’s boyfriend, but it’s because of that commitment I remember his performance.  Some actors get the call to guest star based on their name or current relevance.  He could have stayed on for the duration of the series and it wouldn’t have seemed out of place.  I’m wondering, however, if “The Town” script has challenged him enough to really create something worthwhile.  The trailer makes his character look thin and a little clichéd.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hamm’s FBI agent that is the weakest link in the film.

“The Town” is written and directed by Ben Affleck.  His work behind the camera in “Gone Baby Gone” surprised a lot of critics who pegged him as a less-than-talented actor who wouldn’t be able to helm a project such as it.  One thing that “Gone Baby Gone” lacked was a lot of action.  It’s OK, it wasn’t meant to be an action film.  “The Town” looks to be loaded with fast paced scenes.  Judging from the fast cuts, it looks as if Affleck did at least an adequate job. 

So, will it suck? 

Sorta.  Moviegoers can expect intense scenes with guns drawn and the alpha male battles between Affleck and Renner will suck you in and leave you hoping they team up again.  However, I expect the dialogue to be laughable at points and just OK in others.  With a September 10th release, “The Town” avoids the Labor Day kiss of death.  “Machete” comes out on Labor Day.  Perhaps folks will want to pay for something more than a popcorn movie and wait a week to lay down their green.  I predict this movie will do well at the box office and people will like it.  Critics will pick it apart as a waste of the talents’ time.


2 Responses to “The Town”

  1. Jesse July 23, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    Sorta?! I read that whole article for a “sorta?” I like the idea of pre-reviewing a movie, but come on…you gotta give me somethin’



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