Rumor – New Batman Villain To Be a Familiar Face?

24 Jul

Now that Inception is out, and kicking the summer box office in the groin, it’s time for the rumor-mill to focus all their attention on Christopher Nolan’s next project – a little sleeper tentatively titled Batman 3.

We’ve had our own discussions of what the next film will be, but the most buzzed about questions all revolve around Who Will Be the Next Villain? That’s an entire discussion in itself, but now we’ve got our first official speculation: First Showing is now announcing that an inside source is saying The Riddler is pegged as Batman’s next adversary, and even juicier, pegged to play him is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Now first off, news of the Riddler doesn’t sour us one bit, and after seeing Inception over the weekend, and being most impressed by Gordon-Levitt’s character and his zero-gravity antics, we are legitimately excited about this news. Everyone knows that Nolan can’t possibly top the last film and Heath Ledger’s immortal Joker, but he can retain the credibility of the franchise he started, and continue on being truthful to the last two movies. Finding an up-and-comer, like he did with Cillian Murphy in the first film, makes sure the off-screen persona doesn’t overshadow the iconic character he puts on screen, and getting a budding actor will drive them to knock the role, whichever is ultimately decided upon, right out of the park. After all, they’ve got something to prove.

So everyone knows you can’t beat Heath Ledger, and now that there’s so much buzz surrounding the next film and who will play the Dark Knight’s nemesis, we think it a smart move to go with a (relatively) less campy villain from the “Rogue’s Gallery” and a relative newcomer. If Christopher Nolan thinks he’s going to pull off one of the most anticipated movies in Hollywood history, and if he’s likely to avoid the Tertiary curse, he’d better not be clouded by the hype, and just stick to what got him here – sheer genius and determination.


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