Nick Cave to Re-Write “The Crow” Re-Launch

28 Jul

TheWrap is reporting that Australian rocker Nick Cave will take over the typewriter for Edward Pressman’s re-launch of The Crow series.  Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) was originally tapped to write and direct.  No word if he will still direct or if the new script will still be set in the southwest and an urban setting as originally reported to MTV.

As a huge fan of the original, I am encouraged by the change, but wary of the decision to even try to continue the series.  Nick Cave is an accomplished lyricist, poet, novelist and screen writer.  He’s published two books of poems, two novels and a handful of screenplays, one of which was the uber-violent Australian film, The Proposition and not to mention a music career that’s rocked since the 70’s – but that doesn’t always translate to success. The first sequel to The Crow had Iggy Pop taking on a role.  I thought that would be freakin’ awesome to have a man who is a character by his own right, and so energetic, you’d think he’s powered by the same force that keeps the stars burning.  I was wrong.  For whatever reason, the experiment failed.  With Cave at the writers’ desk, I am more comfortable.  There are many variables that can contribute to an actor failing that aren’t wholly their own.  How could a guy like Iggy Pop, as creative as he is, bomb so badly as an actor?  Well, maybe acting’s just not his thing.  With Cave putting his thoughts on paper as he has for decades, I see, at the very least, an interesting world created.  Even if he fails with the script, I’d still be excited to listen to his assured place on the score or soundtrack.

It is also reported that the crow, the actual bird, will be more of a character than in the original series.  Bad idea!  All fans know, expect and want the bird to be nothing more than the mysterious chaperone of the underworld as it has been.  It’s one thing to give the Grim Reaper or Charon dialogue.  I can see drama, fear and even comedy coming from that scenario.  I have no clue if the script will call for the bird to talk…God I hope not.  But even having it mime, or investing anymore screen time on the bird, is a waste.

Another thing fans of the original already know is that every incarnation of the story, except for the original comic and movie, were awful.  The first sequel, The Crow: City of Angels, had promise.  The man who’d helmed a good many of The Cure’s videos directed.  Fail.  The third installment had a pretty good cast including Kirsten Dunst, Eric Mabius, and The Shield’s Walton Goggins.  It was tolerable at best, but still lacked the magic of the first.  The last movie, Wicked Prayer, was laughable.  A fat Eddie Furlong played the lead, a washed up Tara Reid, a made for TV David Boreanez and a ‘what-was-he-thinking’ Dennis Hopper.  The TV show starred Iron Chef’s Mark Decascos.  He did an adequate job of imitating Brandon Lee.  So, Edward R. Pressman Productions, you can see why the fans you created in 1994 are scared of the proposition of another Crow movie.  You commercialized something we love and sapped all the magic out of the world you created.  It should never have been a film series.  It should have stood on its own.  But, since capitalism is the rule of the day, I understand why.  Picking Nick Cave is not a bad thing. I’m rooting for him to do well.  But will the essence be restored…?

Stay tuned as the star should be announced in the coming weeks. TheWrap was told a “major actor” is attached….


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