The Social Network

1 Sep

By josh

When I heard they were making a Facebook movie, I groaned at the thought of another movie based off a popular website that would go straight to video (did anyone see The Onion Movie? we didn’t). A movie based off a website that is essentially 500 million people talking about their day? I all but wrote this off as another way to capitalize on the next big thing. Then I heard David Fincher was attached to direct; now I’m listening. To attract a director with such clout to a movie that doesn’t have a clear plot, well, you’ve just got to trust he’ll come up with something. And something, he did. The official trailer is out, and the story of Mark Zuckerberg and his sketchy rise to billions looks to be the core of the film…

So the big question has always been “how are you going to make a movie out of Facebook?” and despite a really cool user-profile collage set to a haunting cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” fifty seconds into the clip, we still don’t know where Fincher is going with this. But then the story picks up at “Harvard University Fall 2003” and we get an emotionally charged recap of Zuckerberg screwing over his business partners and “stealing” the idea for the popular social networking website. Now, the whole story about how Facebook started up is speculation, but we’ll let Fincher tell us the whole thing. As far as the trailer is concerned, it’s clearly a Fincher film.

Fincher has a way of coloring his films – Fight Club was green, the “Freedom ‘90” video was blue – and The Social Network is yellow. What Fincher is trying to say with the color of the film, well that’s up to a full viewing to decide, but he has a distinctive style, and it’s all over this thing. As far as casting is concerned, Jesse Eisenberg takes on the role of Zuckerberg, and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, the inventor of Napster, and one time President of Facebook, is a fresh site. Say what you will about Timberlake and his boy-band roots, he’s got a knack for taking on interesting roles, and as far as we’re concerned, as an actor he’s held up pretty strong, and has yet to sell out. I’m interested to see what he can pull off here, but with Eisenberg, I’m a bit skeptical that his skittish nerdiness won’t come off as tedious and annoying. Fincher, however, deserves top-billing with this project, and with such a young cast that doesn’t have the clout of a Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal or Robert Downey Jr., he’s the big name attached here.

 So, will it suck?

No. We’ve seen every Fincher film (with the exception of Alien3), and we are convinced that the man can do no wrong. He blew us away in Se7en, kept it up with The Game, hit a peak with Fight Club, and has been maintaining a steady plateau ever since. Working on a script by Aaron Sorkin, the pedigree on this film is rich, but that only takes care of the behind the camera action. The only question mark is the acting, and based on what we’ve seen from Timberlake in the past, with the supporting cast appearing strong here, our only concern is Eisenberg, who has had minimal experience leading a film, especially one of this caliber. But again, Fincher is the top draw here, and we have no doubt we’ll leave The Social Network on opening night already planning on adding the DVD to our library.


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