The Town (Post Mortem)

20 Sep

By brian

Get out! I'm an Alpha male too. This should be fun!

“The Town” opened this weekend and WillItSuck was at the movies to compare its prediction of how well Ben Affleck’s sophmore effort behind the lense would do.  Here’s what WillItSuck said back in July when the first trailer dropped:

So, will it suck? 

Sorta.  Moviegoers can expect intense scenes with guns drawn and the alpha male battles between Affleck and Renner will suck you in and leave you hoping they team up again.  However, I expect the dialogue to be laughable at points and just OK in others.  I predict this movie will do well at the box office and people will like it.  Critics will pick it apart as a waste of the talents’ time.

How did it do?  Well it was tops at the box office in its first weekend pulling in $23.8 million.  Shelling out green is a vote of confidence from moviegoers, but how did they respond after the final credits rolled?  “The Town” got a 94% fresh rate at  What did critics think?  I underestimated how well critics would receive it.  It seems to be getting favorable reviews across the board.  WillItSuck predicted that Jon Hamm would be the weakest link and, after reading several reviews and seeing the movie, WillItSuck was correct.  It didn’t seem like he knew what was expected of him.  Who knows, maybe he’s a fraud and just happened to catch a bolt of lightning with Mad Men.  The bottom line is its action scenes are tense and pull you in.  Scenes between Jeremy Renner and Affleck burned and were worth the price of admission.  Awkward pacing made the movie slow way down at points but overall it was an enjoyable movie and will help solidify Affleck’s role as a director.


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