80’s Version of Myself Has Wet Dream: Evidence Voltron Movie Is In the Works.

20 Sep

Keith, Pidge, Hunk, Lance, Princess Allura and hopefully a cameo by the long lost Sven…oh, the possibilities.  Joblo.com has obtained the exclusive and could-it-be-true concept art for a presumably and much overdue big screen, cgi version of Voltron.  Not much is known about the project, but judging from the pictures, we can make out the size, scale and setting of the film.  A Robeast is visible in the second picture stomping on what we can only hope are the constructs of the Vehicle Voltron.  The Lions look very cool, but the let down so far is that the Robeast resembles a Decepticon from the Transformers movie.  That alone is not a terrible thing, however I was always a distinct Voltron guy, and would like for the movie to have as little similarity to Transformers as possible.

Statue of Liberty scratching posts...start marketing

Screenplay allegedly inspired by scenario played out on my bedroom floor cir. 1987


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