Star Wars in 3D: George Lucas set to make even more money

4 Oct

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that yes, George Lucas will be rereleasing the Star Wars saga in 3D. Starting with The Phantom Menace in 2012, the movies will be rereleased one a year for the following six years. On top of a deluxe Blu-ray job set for next year, the “update” and rerelease of the original Trilogy in the late nineties, and the countless repackaging of DVDs throughout the 2000’s, fans are inclined to collectively groan “enough is enough, already!” How many times can Lucas mess and tweak with his much beloved Trilogy, and his much tolerated Prequels? How much more money can he possibly expect to squeeze out of our pockets?

However, let’s really look at this, in the context of 3D. As far as a gimmick, I hate the idea. As a rule, a director should only be allowed to mess with his original work once and that’s it. The rerelease of the original Trilogy had its good parts and its bad, but in hindsight, we were lucky to get something that was relatively unchanged. It’s clear that the George Lucas of the 2000’s (the Prequels, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) is a shell of his former heyday self, and the more he’s allowed to tinker with an already classic, the worse it’s going to get. But, as we remarked after seeing Avatar, if we’re going to watch a CGI heavy movie, 3D is the only way to do it. CGI has a real problem with depth perception, and 3D fixes that. It still looks fake, but believably fake. If Lucas had the technology, a 3D version of the Prequels would’ve been a helluva lot more interesting to watch. The plot still would’ve been as boring as a CSPAN rerun, but at least it would’ve been visually stunning. And as the original Trilogy goes, it might be fun to see in 3D – even though the best part was the orignal characters were already in “3D”, meaning people in costumes and puppets; there’s just something about how light falls on a real person, rather than a fully CGI Jar Jar Binks

So, yes, we’ll probably shell out the money with an open mind to see how this experiment fares, but we’re not going to be happy about having to pay to see Star Wars, yet again.


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