From ‘Superbad’ to Super Hero: Emma Stone joins the cast of ‘Spider-Man’ reboot

6 Oct

It was just announced that Emma Stone will be joining the cast as leading lady in the new Spider-Man reboot. The Easy A actress will star alongside The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield, in the Marc Webb directed reincarnation. But, if you’re thinking the crimson haired Stone would make for a great Mary Jane, you’re out of luck; she’ll be taking on the role of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s first love (and natural blonde). Bryce Dallas Howard portrayed her in a small role in Spider-Man 3, but this go-around, Gwen’s getting big time treatment as the main squeeze.  

Now, try to refrain from asking again why in the world they’re restarting the web slinger’s franchise just three years after the last Sam RaimiTobey Maguire film came out, and now that the cast and director are being cobbled together, let’s take a serious look at the new would-be franchise. Garfield, who was named the new Spidey back in July, is a fresh face in Hollywood and was stellar as the only likable character in the Facebook  movie. Webb is a young director who cut his teeth making music videos, and made his big screen debut with last year’s excellent 500 Days of Summer. And now with Stone on board, the new “Queen of teen,” it’s safe to say we’re getting a younger, hipper Spider-Man movie. Expect a hyper-intellectual neurotic Peter Parker with an indie rock soundtrack when this film comes out in July of 2012. That being said, you may now resume talking about why this new reboot is a money-grabbing attempt to squeeze blood from the already tired Spider-Man franchise stone….


2 Responses to “From ‘Superbad’ to Super Hero: Emma Stone joins the cast of ‘Spider-Man’ reboot”


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