Let Me In/Social Network (Post Mortem)

6 Oct

By josh

This past weekend two films squared off against each other. One (obviously) beat the other in box office sales, but was it the best film to hit theaters? Did we get it right? Let’s find out…first, here’s what we said about Let Me In

Will it suck? – No. It’s hard to say that any remake is not going to suck, but even if this movie hits half as good as the original, it’s going to be leaps and bounds above any of the vampire movies that have come out in the past 10 years…… however I have hopes that Moretz and Reeves can carry through with only minor bumps and scrapes. Read my lips: the studio will speed the pacing up for American audiences, and there will definitely be a couple of the more conventional “Hollywood scares” conspicuously added in, but on a marquee of American vampire movies, Let Me In will stand out amongst the jumble of teenage schlock that they’ve been shamelessly handing us lately.

Yes, we were right that Hollywood added a couple “shock” moments, and the pacing was left mostly intact, but without giving away too much, there was something lost in translation. The original Swedish film was creepy because, with subtitles, you had to read the dialogue rather than hear some of the wooden words spoken, but it all came down to the last scene, and it’s all about the lighting – show us what happens, rather than keep it in the shadows. The original did just that, and the Americanized version left us fumbling in the dark.

The Social Network – here’s what we said….

Will it suck? – No. We’ve seen every Fincher film and we are convinced that the man can do no wrong….Working on a script by Aaron Sorkin, the pedigree on this film is rich, but that only takes care of the behind the camera action. The only question mark is the acting, and based on what we’ve seen from Timberlake in the past, with the supporting cast appearing strong here, our only concern is Eisenberg, who has had minimal experience leading a film, especially one of this caliber. But again, Fincher is the top draw here, and we have no doubt we’ll leave The Social Network on opening night already planning on adding the DVD to our library.

It not only won the box office, but it won our hearts as well. Fincher was rock solid, and Sorkin’s script (the actual script, not just cutting and pasting depositions), was provocative, if not entirely factual. Timberlake was perfect as the antagonist, and Eisenberg was annoying, but with purpose. However, the standout performance was from your next “Spider-Man” Andrew Garfield. Playing the sap left holding the bag, Garfield was the real focal point of the movie, and we believed him as the émigré blue-blood who was the ethical heart of the movie. If Mark Zuckerberg was really this cut-throat, we feel awful for maintaining our Facebook pages, but we feel too guilty cancelling our account because we know someone, somewhere, had good intentions. The best movie of the year so far (sorry, Inception), we head into Oscar season liking its chances to take home the gold.


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