‘Zoolander 2’?: Chances are really, really good looking

15 Oct

MTV recently reported that a script for ‘Zoolander 2’ is in the works and almost ready for submission. Justin Theroux, who starred in the original as the evil “break-dance fighting” DJ, is pegged to pen the working script with Ben Stiller, and is expected to direct. Theroux, who says the script is “in really good shape right now,” wrote with Stiller for 2008’s Tropic Thunder, and got top credit for drafting the Iron Man 2 script. Details are still a bit sketchy, but Theroux assures that returning will be Owen Wilson as free-spirit Hansel, and Will Farrell’s Mugatu, plus a role specifically written with Jonah Hill in mind as a villain. The story is still in the works, but Theroux says they’ll have Derek Zoolander and Hansel start off in a “bad place.” – “They’re about to ring 40’s bell. They have to claw their way back into the fashion industry in some way or another.”

This is good news for ‘Frat Pack’ fans who have been waiting around for a real reunion for years. While Stiller has been off in kiddie land with the ‘Night at the Museum’ movies, and Wilson (Drillbit Taylor) and Farrell (Land of the Lost) in less than stellar vehicles, Judd Apatow and his band of vulgar jokesters (Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, the aforementioned Jonah Hill) have taken the comedic reins for the second half of the 2000’s. Stiller had success with 2008’s Tropic Thunder, and has the next ‘Meet the Parents’ installment Little Fockers coming out this Christmas, but a new Zoolander movie could mean a revival for the stars, and possibly pave the way for the rabidly anticipated ‘Anchorman 2’, which, in the words of Derek Zoolander, would be “cooool.”


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