Your Highness

17 Jan

By josh

It’s easy to spot a stoner movie; the raunchy humor, the silly pratfalls, the actors who are in it, and the countless references to pot. Even the titles are cleverly disguised innuendos, like How High, Half Baked, and Dazed and Confused. So what happens when you take the obvious signs of stoner film heaven, and add A-List Hollywood names and big-time production values? Well, you get Your Highness, the next big bowl-packing hit from the guys that brought you Pineapple Express

*Warning: Red band trailer may contain scenes not suitable for all audiences

Starring James Franco and Danny McBride as two brothers, one gallant and one gastrically challenged,  who must set out on a quest to rescue Franco’s bride-to-be (Zooey Deschanel) from an evil wizard (Justin Theroux), this period piece plays like The Princess Bride for today’s kids. Except this one has the mouth of a sailor, and a really hot bikini-clad Natalie Portman. Starring as a Xena-like warrior they pick up along the way, Portman makes a rare comedic appearance here and hangs tough with her stoner pedigree costars. After fighting off monsters and foes along the way, the unlikely band of rescuers defeat the wizard, get the girl back, and all live happily ever after.

The most unlikely thing about this band of travelers, however, is who they are in real life. While Franco and McBride starred alongside stoner kingpin Seth Rogen in 2008’s Pineapple Express, they are by no means pot-film newbies, with Franco cutting his teeth as a burnout in Judd Apatow’s “Freaks and Geeks” and McBride knocking out inebriated audiences since 2006’s The Foot Fist Way. But as of late, Franco has been getting serious Oscar attention over his portrayal of a self-made amputee in 127 Hours, not to mention the fact that he’ll be hosting the awards show alongside Anne Hathaway come February. And let’s not forget Portman, who is also generating serious Oscar buzz for Black Swan, which she already won the Golden Globe for – what are these two A-Listers doing in a stoner flick that is as crass and tasteless as anything you’d find on a frat guy’s movie shelf?

Having fun, apparently. After his breakout role in Foot Fist, McBride has been doing solid comedy work in Hollywood, and is considered one of the leading comedic minds in movies right now, recruiting friends and fans to make appearances in his hit HBO show “Eastbound and Down.” Penning the script and reuniting with his Pineapple Express director, the film combines big, unpretentious laughs with big-budget special effects, and they invite their friends along to enjoy the ride. Portman and Franco fit right in, with the only sore thumb sticking out in Deschanel, who has always seemed a more delicate flower when it comes to gross-out comedy, and her screen time looks to be minimal here, anyway.

So, will it suck?

No. With a surprisingly competent cast, rich blockbuster effects, and a script written by one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming comedy kings, this should prove to be the first big quotable movie of the year. While some might write it off as lacking any brain cells, those who have seen McBride’s work know that the crude humor is completely infectious, and with assistance from future Oscar winners Franco and Portman, there’s no doubt that this journey is going to be anything but fun. As an action film, a fairytale, and a romance movie, this should prove to be one that we’ll be watching years from now, as a companion to our copy of The Princess Bride, but with way more dick jokes.

...not to mention Natalie Portman in a thong.


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