Julia Roberts to Play the Villain in New “Snow White” Film

9 Feb

Nineties darling set to star as the evil queen in one of three new films based on the fairy tale
Julia Roberts as Evil Queen

Julia Roberts, best known for being America’s sweetheart in the nineties, is taking on a new role in this decade that’s decidedly against type. Taking a page right out of the professional wrestling handbook, Roberts, who’s sugary sweet smile was everywhere after 1990’s Pretty Woman, but spent the 2000’s mired in relative mediocrity, is pushing back in the 2010’s, and will be playing the villain this time around as the “Evil Queen” in a modern day retelling of the “Snow White” fairy tale.

According to the Reuters release, the film, which will be directed by Tarsem Singh (The Cell), follows the story of Snow White, who with the help of the Seven Dwarves, seeks out revenge after her stepmother kills her father. No word on who will be playing Snow White, but with news of Tarsem at the helm, we can expect a non-traditional take on the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and if you’ve ever seen a Tarsem film, you just know there’s going to be lots of visual eye candy.

Speaking of the Disney version, the same release reports that they too will be coming out with their own Snow White project, set in 19th century China, and on top of that, Universal Studios is planning their take, hoping for Kristen Stewart in the title role.

So what’s up with three new movies coming out about Snow White? And what’s with Disney transplanting the story to 19th century China?! Didn’t we already get that with Mulan? And did the rights to the story just hit the public domain? I get how multiple Napoleon movies could be in the works at the same time, or how we got two Steve Prefontaine biopics within the span of 18 months (okay, well that was pretty weird), but three movies about the same story?! That’s just downright suspect.

But whatever the reason, we like Julia Roberts playing the Evil Queen, and Tarsem’s last film, The Fall, was pretty much a fairy tale itself, so we can see this coming out well. As for the other two, we’d need a bit more information, but as of now, we’d rather eat a poison apple.


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