‘Die Hard 5’ is On Its Way

16 Feb

Ironic title jokes aside, the popular action franchise keeps finding life in Hollywood

Surprising news out of Hollywood this week: in an effort to cash in once again, 20th Century Fox just won’t let one of its franchises die….hard….. Yes, even in the face of awful puns and an aging star, Deadline.com announced that the studio is once again returning to the well and scraping up the dregs for a fifth ‘Die Hard’ movie, to of course star 55 year-old Bruce Willis, and will no doubt have to explain why so much trouble seems to follow just one man. The film will be directed by Noam Murro, who’s directed but one feature – 2008’s sleeper Smart People, starring Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Page – but has won Director’s Guild awards for his work in commercials, including that “Glen” ad from Starbuck’s (yes, you remember), and this Adidas one starring Kevin Garnett.

Now, didn’t we learn from our mistakes when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg completely bombed out on Indy 4? And wasn’t Willis’ last movie Red just one big joke about old people still fighting crime?! Now I’ll give credit – Bruce Willis still looks to be in shape and believable enough to still kick some ass, but here’s the question – when will it stop? You’d think at some point somebody would just say “enough already,” but then again, you’ve still got people talking about a Lethal Weapon 5.

As for unknown director Noam Murro, well, apparently he’s got some experience directing a big budget, live-action trailer for the X-Box’s newest “Halo” release, but most of the commercials he’s done are on the whimsical side, and even downright funny, so the question remains – can a great commercial director become a great movie director? We’ll see, but for a couple more examples of his work, check out below…

Or this beautifully peaceful VW ad…


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