The Hangover 2 Official Trailer

24 Feb

The Wolf Pack is back, but where’s Doug? 

So we finally get our first look at the much anticipated follow up to the Zach Galifianakis show that was The Hangover.  The sequel got a lot of publicity even before the trailer dropped.  Trying to double dip on its cameo-of-the-year with Mike Tyson‘s appearance, the producers cast anti-Semite and accused wife beater Mel Gibson as a crazy tattoo artist.  After a cast mutiny, the director gave the Aussie the boot and cast Liam Neeson instead.

The most promising aspect of the teaser is the absence of Doug…or maybe he’s been turned into that monkey.  Easily the weakest part of the first, yet the peg that makes the plot possible.  Now we’re following Ed Helms’ Stu to Thailand for his marriage to Jamie Chung (poised to have a big year with her gig in Sucker Punch).  The boys are on the run from some trouble.  Who knows what it is at this point, but it will be outrageous enough to top the hijinks of the first movie. 

We’re excited about the plot centering around Helms’ character.  He was under-utilized in the first film and was reduced to over-reacting to any given surprise.  We can only hope he’ll cap off his wedding with a song he composed himself.  Galifianakis is always a treat.  Maybe he’s annoying to some, but he will definitely have the most interesting lines.  Bradley Cooper is a great alpha male but was pretty much just eye candy in the last one.  Unfortunately though, a quick look at reveals that Tyson is back and so is the dreadful Ken Jeong.  I will only defend his acting in the NBC show, “Community.”  But what may be the biggest coup in movie cameo history is none other than Nanny groper Bill Clinton.

The Caucasian version of Billy Dee Williams

So, will it suck? 

No.  I was in the minority when the first one came out in that I thought it stunk.  Galifianakis shined, but it just seemed superficially funny.   I’m not going to like this one either unless Helms takes the lead with meatier lines.  I know he’s supposed to be milquetoast, but he’s in Thailand now and he has a tattoo on his face.  Anything goes.  Despite my misgivings, this will be a hit at the box office and will be quoted for years to come.  Maybe in the next one they’ll accidentally kill Doug and have to pass off his life impaired body ala Weekend at Bernie’s.


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