Who will round out the cast of the 2008 election movie ‘Game Change’?

14 Mar

Movie relives the 2008 Presidential election, and we pick who should play the cast of political characters

With news coming down that Julianne Moore will portray Sarah Palin in the upcoming movie Game Change, which follows the 2008 Presidential election, it’s only natural that Hollywood is already abuzz about who’s going to round out the rest of the cast. We here at Will It Suck? aren’t ones to be left out of the conversation, and we have our own opinions, so what we’ve done is picked who we think Hollywood would cast, as compared to who we think should be picked for the as-yet unannounced roles. Here’s what we came up with:

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama:
The biggest winner to come out of the 2008 election is our current President, Barack Obama. Charismatic and hip, not to mention the U.S.’s first black president, casting Obama might be tough. Pulling from a relatively small pool, Denzel is too iconic, Don Cheadle is too cliché, and Will Smith is too ‘Will Smith’. Hollywood would go with someone like Harry Lennix, who played ‘Lock’ in the Matrix movies. He’s not a well known name that would distract from the role, he’s from Chicago, IL, and not to mention he looks just like Obama! Seemingly a perfect match, but we think they should go with the “Whoomp, There it Is” guy; I mean, it’s just uncanny…

Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain:
John McCain is old. I mean really old. But he still looks kinda young, so this one’s a bit tougher. While we assume the movie will be taking on a more serious tone, we think Hollywood would make an exception and pick famously white-haired actor Steve Martin to play the Arizona Senator, with just a bite of sarcasm. However, we’re thinking they should go with the late Peter Boyle, circa Young Frankenstein. He’s already got the mannerisms down pat.

Democratic Primary Hopeful, Hillary Clinton:
Hillary Clinton has already been portrayed in Hollywood, by Hope Davis in The Special Relationship, in a role that at one time was held by (wait for it….) Julianne Moore! While nobody ever saw that film, that’s not to say that it never happened, and Davis played a very convincing Hillary. But Hollywood can’t return to the well, lest it be accused of getting lazy, so they’ll have to come up with someone else, and that someone would probably be Diane Wiest. And we have to admit, it’d be a pretty good choice, but they’d only be going half the way. Sure, Wiest kinda looks like Hillary, but we think someone like Jane Lynch completes the package, what with the same haircut and penchant for pant suits.

Vice Presidential Running Mate, Joe Biden:
Joe Biden is possibly the least noticeable person in this movie, and let’s face it, possibly the least noticeable acting Vice President in history. Nonetheless, he still deserves a place among those listed in the cast, and who better to play him than a pretty spot-on Craig T. Nelson? However good ‘Coach’ would be in the role (and he would be good, no doubt), Hollywood should break their rule of hiring repeat performers (see: Hope Davis as Hillary Clinton), and get Burt Reynolds from Striptease, because as far as we can tell, the ‘Bandit’ was channeling Joe Biden for that role, anyway.

Former President (and potential ‘first’ First Gentleman), Bill Clinton:
The most portrayed person on the list, Bill, or Slick Willie (as he likes to be called), has been played by everyone from the late Phil Hartman (the best) to Dennis Quaid (worst), and even John Travolta (that movie was about the Clintons, right?). So we know Hollywood has already been picked over when it comes to playing the 42nd President. However, up for the role that Quaid eventually won in The Special Relationship (that movie again?!), was at one point Aussie actor and notorious hot-head, Russell Crowe! Now we can’t really see it, but wouldn’t that be just like Hollywood to take a guy that looks nothing like his real-life counterpart, and cast him anyway just for the big name recognition? So when it boils down to it, we say just let Bill be Bill and have him play himself. He’s already got a role in The Hangover 2, and with all those celebrity friends he has in that little black book, he’ll fit right in.


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