World War Z Dying?

23 Mar
Grab your machete.  Put on your tooth proof body armor.  Find a cure for Solanum.  The rumors may be flying around that Brad Pitt’s movie is dead…but don’t trust hearsay.  You may very well see this G rise up again.
World War Z

The war that pit brother against brother...the undead kind.

New York magazine says it’s obtained exclusive information that Paramount can’t find a partner to finance the $125 million, Brad Pitt starring/produced zombie apocalypse movie.  According to the article, if a co-financier is not found the plug will be pulled on the project.  The article goes on to cite unnamed sources that an 11th hour push is being made to rope in Paramount’s go to guy, David Ellison (True Grit, Mission: Impossible IV, Top Gun II). 

Let’s cross our fingers that this movie gets made waaaay before Top Gun II.


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