Avengers Unite!

11 Oct

The Long Awaited Avengers Trailer

Some would say it was the comic book nerds who most anticipated the release of The Avengers first trailer.  I suspect those who didn’t admit to drooling over the idea of a bunch of badasses joining forces were in denial and have probably been set straight by their psychologists by now.

Paramount kept teasing its fans by pushing back release dates of the trailer.  Now that it’s here, I’m not sure what they had to tweak to make it better.  It starts out with the disposable military and police that prove useless in hero movies.  They fire their impotent bullets at a target in the sky, I’m sure is an enormous death machine.  As the yet unseen monster/robot marches, the street erupts with fire that sends cars airborne.  Cut to The Avengers’ secret facility that I’m sure will be host to the most amazing training montage we’ve ever seen.

It looks like the big villain is Loki, Thor’s envious brother.  This isn’t much of a surprise if you saw both of this summer’s hits, Thor and Captain America.  There were hints in both those blockbusters if you were paying attention.  Loki was the best part about Thor if you don’t count staring into Natalie Portman’s seductive eyes.  No offense to Thor, but villains are much more interesting and Loki was beautifully rendered.  From Odin’s betrayal to his treasonous plans, we were able to connect the dots from dutiful servant to traitor.

King nerd Joss Whedon helms this action and hero packed movie.  Although he’s had some duds; creating Dollhouse for TV and writing Alien: Resurrection for film, he’s had super hits with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.  I know Firefly didn’t do so well in the ratings but man, does it have a cult following.  Whedon will do this movie justice and utilize his talent exactly as they need be.

Marvel has spent a lot of time and energy making its movies not be terrible.  It’s almost like it respects the fan base that’s made its titles successes, thus leading to the chance to make more money on the movies.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that not all of Marvel’s fans are happy with the films it’s produced.  But I don’t think anyone can say it is forsaking its foundation.  Comic book movies are hard to make well.  Depending on how long the characters have been around, there could be a hundred different plot twists and turns.  It is impossible to incorporate every bit of canon into a two and half hour movie.  Marvel has done well to protect its babies and has done well to find new fans.

WillItSuck?…No.  I admit ensemble movies are hard to pull off.  There’s more than one star competing for the audience’s attention.  Usually what happens is the star power is diluted until it’s evident the studio could have saved a ton of money and made a better movie had they gone with relative unknowns.  But for every few Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve (Why are the shitty ones about holidays?), there are the Magnificent Seven and Boogie Nights.  The more demonstrative characters will get the appropriate amount of screen time and the lesser characters will balance it out.  These characters have been established in either their own franchises or have been a common thread throughout each movie.  We won’t get lost like in Armageddon.  It was difficult to care about any character because they were getting killed off so fast we barely knew their names.  One critique though, do we really need The Hulk?  Two fine actors have sucked in the role, now we’re going to offer up a third?  Doesn’t seem right.  Oh well.

The Avengers / May 2012

The Avengers / May 2012


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