In Theaters This Weekend: Still waiting one more week until Avengers

24 Apr

Today marks a milestone in movie releases….not that there are great movies coming out, but it marks one week until Avengers: Age of Ultron gets released, and kicks off the 2015 Summer Movie season! (Yay!!!)

But until then we still have a weekend of releases to get through, and could you guess, there’s not much…

The Age of Adaline – starring Blake Lively, Harrison Ford

So someone thought it’d be fun to remake Benjamin Button but with a female lead. Or is this a female Picture of Dorian Gray? Either way, it’s a time movie about Blake Lively who in the 1930s, gets into a car crash (and then almost drowns…and then gets struck by lightning) and the combination of the three horrific events has now left her unable to age. So when she’s stopped by police in 1953, they’re amazed that she’s 45 years old(!), even though Lively only looks like the 28 year-old she is in real life….and will probably look the exact same when she’s actually 45. It’s an interesting premise, albeit one that’s been done much, much better before (see again: Dorian Grey), but there’s a plot where she’s constantly on the run, and changing her identity, because I guess it’s weird for people to meet a 60 year-old woman looks like a 28 year-old movie star. And I guess maybe the government wants to probe her, to see how she’s pulling off this trick….or maybe it’s Oil of Olay – I don’t know. But there’s also a love story here, or maybe a love-triangle, as she dates and then leaves, a young Harrison Ford, and then years-and-years later, she takes up with a young guy, and goes to meet his parents, and guess who his dad is….! (hint: it’s Harrison Ford). Shot like a Nicholas Sparks-movie, you’d think a person would take the ability to never age as a Godsend, but in this film, it comes off like a burden, and “oh whoa is me, I could never keep a man because then he’ll know my horrible secret….that even though he will someday get old and gray, I’ll still look like a 28-year-old movie star”…..Man, that would really stink. I think I’d rather go try this anti-aging trick of swimming during an lightning storm, than sit through Age of Adeline, but if you like young hot chicks, and schmaltzy father-son love triangles, then be my guest.
Ex Machina – starring Oscar Isaac, Domnhall Gleeson 

Ex Machina
is a weird Blade Runner/A.I. type movie, where robots have feelings, and are confused why they don’t deserve every right to life that Man possesses. So it’s interesting that when Ava, the robot in this movie, meets a new person for the first time (Domnhall Gleeson), she befriends, and flirts with him, and begs him to take her away, almost sensing that her creator (Oscar Isaac), is about to turn her off, to upgrade, like we do with our phones, to the new Ava 2 (which is thinner, and lighter, and has a bigger screen). Remember when Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with his computer in Her? Well, it’s sort of the same thing, except Ava isn’t just an operating system, and she has a smoking body. First-time director Alex Garland (who wrote Sunshine and 28 Days Later) wears his love for Stanley Kubrick on his sleeve, and there are obvious nods to The Shining and HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (not to mention, the aforementioned, unfinished Kubrick project A.I. that Steve Spielberg ended up directing). Ex Machina probably builds its slow-burn creepy factor up to a twist-ending, and could be just weird enough, with just the right amount of Kubrickian-spice, to make a good movie. But then again, it could just wind up being all curves, and no soul.



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