Keanu Reeves to reprise role as John Wick

4 May

Given the commercial and critical success of 2014’s John Wick, it comes as little surprise that a sequel is already in the works.

Lionsgate officially confirmed their plans for John Wick 2. Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his titular role. The directing and writing are set to return for the sequel as well.

If you missed Wick, it is definitely worth a look. Reeves plays a retired hitman who is pulled back into his violent past. Previews for the movie didn’t point to a particularly compelling story and it definitely appeared headed toward ‘Will Suck’ territory. But the biggest surprise in the movie didn’t come from the story, but the shocking revelation that Reeves can still carry a film. Wick was a brooding character with a dark past and Reeves managed to channel the subtle performance. This is quite the accomplishment for a man known for:

And these:

Consider this, in 2013 Reeves was the leading man in three movies (47 Ronin, Generation Um…, and Man of Tai Chi) that had an average Metacritic score of 35. Then Wick comes out of nowhere (Metacritic score: 68) and it appears that Reeves’ career maybe on the upswing.

John Wick 2 may seem like an unnecessary sequel at first glance, but I for one am happy to see the beleaguered star getting a chance to revisit the role. So, here’s to Wick teaching some bad guys a lesson.


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