3/28 – Anchorman 2: Channel 4 News Team set to Reassemble


8/19 – In Theaters This Weekend: Summer Movie Season is Over, Part II
8/16 – Hi-Ho Budgets, Away!: Plug gets pulled on the Johnny Depp backed “Lone Ranger” project
8/12 – In Theaters This Weekend: It’s safe to say the Summer Movie Season is over
8/11 – First Glimpse: Anne Hathaway as ‘Catwoman’ official pics
7/15 – In Theaters This Weekend: Harry Potter graduates Hogwarts
6/23 – In Theaters This Weekend: One for the kids, and one…not so much
5/27 – In Theaters This Weekend: Memorial Day brings more of those summer sequels
5/23 – First Image of Batman Villain: Tom Hardy as ‘Bane’ picture revealed
5/6 – In Theaters This Weekend: Summer Movie Season begins by bringing the hammer down
4/15 – In Theaters This Weekend: Bird-brained comedy for kids, and the ‘Scream’ franchise takes another stab
4/12 – General Zod returns to challenge the Man of Steel
3/27 – ‘Superman’ gets a Lois Lane
3/14 – Who will round out the cast of the 2008 election movie  ‘Game Change’?
3/13 – Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin? You betcha!
3/4 – Super MILF: Diane Lane set to play Superman’s mom
2/27 – Oscar Picks and Winners
2/26 – In Theaters This Weekend: Nicolas Cage makes us ‘Angry’
2/16 – ‘Die Hard 5’ is On Its Way
2/9 – Julia Roberts to Play the Villain in New “Snow White” Film
2/4 – In Theaters This Weekend: The Groundhog predicts an early spring, but Hollywood’s cold streak continues
1/30 – New ‘Superman’ Cast in Next Zack Snyder Directed Film
1/28 – In Theaters This Weekend: A Charles Bronson remake, and Hollywood’s obsession with possession
1/19 – Catwoman and Bane Named the Next Batman Villains: Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy set to take on the caped crusader in “The Dark Knight Rises”


12/22 – In Theaters This Weekend: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…
12/17 – In Theaters This Weekend: Holiday movie season FINALLY arrives!
12/10 – In Theaters This Weekend: December movie season officially starts with a low roar
12/9 – Black Swan (Post Mortem)
12/3 – In Theaters This Weekend: First week of December fails to provide any of that holiday cheer
11/30 – Billy Crystal They Aren’t: James Franco and Anne Hathaway set to host 2011 Oscars
11/24 – In Theaters This Weekend: Thanksgiving brings four new movies, not much to be thankful for
11/23 – Lindsay Loses Lovelace Role: Troubled star fired; replaced by Malin Akerman
11/22 – There Will Be Mud…slinging: Daniel Day-Lewis set to star in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” biopic
11/21 – The Ladies of ‘Sucker Punch’
11/12 – In Theaters This Weekend: Three big movies give us déjà vu
11/11 – Super-cute Zooey Deschanel in the new ‘Spider-Man’ reboot?
11/10 – ‘21 Jump Street’ remake to feature Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill?
11/9 – First Look: New ‘Muppets’ movie with Jason Segel
11/7 – Johnny Depp Joins Vampire Craze: Reteams with Tim Burton for ‘Dark Shadows’ remake
11/5 – In Theaters This Weekend: Due Date/Megamind/127 Hours – big movies prove there’s something for everyone
10/29 – In Theaters This Weekend: ‘Saw 3D’ goes third-dimensional just in time for Halloween
10/28 – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Christopher Nolan gives a name to Batman 3; rules out The Riddler
10/26 – Paranormal Activity 2 (Post Mortem)
10/22 – Mel Gibson’s ‘Hangover’ Over: Liam Neeson set to replace troubled star in cameo role
10/20 – ‘The Hangover 2’: Mel Gibson’s Comeback?
10/19 – First Look: Scream 4
10/15 – ‘Zoolander 2’?: Chances are really, really good looking
10/8 – Off to See The Wizard: Sam Raimi to direct ‘Wizard of Oz’ prequel with Robert Downey Jr.?
10/6 – From ‘Superbad’ to Super Hero: Emma Stone joins the cast of ‘Spider-Man’ reboot
10/6 – Let Me In/The Social Network (Post Mortem)
10/5 – Man of Steel: Zack Snyder to direct new ‘Superman’ film
10/4 – Star Wars in 3D: George Lucas set to make even more money
10/1 – In Theaters This Weekend: Let Me In squares off against The Social Network
9/30 – News From the “No Duh” File: Christopher Nolan announces he will direct third and final Batman film
9/22 – Borat goes Bohemian: Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury?
9/20 – The Town (Post Mortem)
9/20 – 80’s Version of Myself Has Wet Dream: Evidence Voltron Movie Is In the Works
9/14 – The Next Batman Villain?
9/2 – IFC’s Greatest Movie Trailers of All Time
7/28 – Nick Cave to Re-Write “The Crow” Re-Launch
7/24 – Rumor – New Batman Villain To Be a Familiar Face?
7/22 – Op-Ed: The Tertiary Curse


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