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General Zod Returns to Challenge the Man of Steel

12 Apr

“Boardwalk Empire” star Michael Shannon will reprise the role of ‘Zod’ in new Superman reboot

With news of the next Batman film rolling in at a snails pace, comic book fanboys are getting their fill from report after report coming down about Superman: Man of Steel, Zack Snyder‘s next installment in the “Supes” franchise. First there was news that Henry Cavil would be donning the cape as the man from Krypton, then he got some parents in A-Listers Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. THEN a few weeks ago we got our ‘Lois Lane’ with the adorable Amy Adams, and now, finally, they’ve rounded out the major players and not only picked the main antagonist, but have named the actor to portray him. Michael Shannon, best known for his Oscar nominated turn as a mentally-unstable man in Revolutionary Road, and his current role as a hard-nosed Prohibition-era G-Man in “Boardwalk Empire”, will be wearing the loose fitting jumpsuit of ‘General Zod’, in a role made famous by Terrence Stamp in Superman II.

As the Hollywood Reporter, er, reported on Sunday, Shannon was named in a release by Warner Bros. that quoted director Snyder as saying:

“Zod is not only one of Superman’s most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don’t. Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role.”

While we agree that Shannon possesses the ‘malice’ needed to capture the character (judging from his back-to-back weirdo turns in Road and Empire), we doubly agree that choosing Zod for the new film was a stroke of genius. Why does a Superman film always have to have Lex Luther as its main villain time and time again? He’s got no superpowers, alone from his ‘supernatural’ brain, and seriously, why hasn’t Superman just bashed that brain in just a bit, to keep him from causing trouble day after day? Zod has powers to match our hero, and the two share a past that makes them the ‘yin’ and the ‘yang’ of a Krypton political system that has collapsed, in more ways than one. Zod is a cold, calculating dictator with the muscle to back up the military brain, and it’ll be fun to see Snyder, a master of the modern video-game-action-movie, pit them in a world-wide royal rumble. And if you still aren’t assured of Snyder’s directorial capabilities (all flash; little substance), be reassured that Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, the minds behind the current Batman franchise, will be around to reign in the madness. We’re looking forward to it.

Better do what he says...


‘Superman’ gets a Lois Lane

27 Mar

Amy Adams gets the nod to play the Man of Steel’s girlfriend in upcoming ‘Superman’ reboot

In more news of famous red-heads playing  famous brunettes, Amy Adams has been cast to play raven-haired ‘Lois Lane’ in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Superman: Man of Steel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adams is set to star opposite Henry Cavill, who dons the cape as America’s favorite policeman, and joins a cast that includes Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Superman’s parents, and joins a list that includes Margot Kidder, Terry Hatcher, and most recently Kate Bosworth, as actresses who have portrayed the notable newswoman.

Snyder, whose films include 300, Watchmen, and his latest Sucker Punch (which hit theaters this weekend), had nothing but good things to say about the casting of Adams. “…we are excited to announce the casting of [Adams], one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today. Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful.”

Beautiful is right, as Adams has been one of Hollywood’s most sparkling stars since her breakout role in Disney’s Enchanted. And with big buzz-worthy projects in the works, like portraying Janis Joplin in an upcoming biopic, and “Jane” in the big screen version of the Beat-era masterpiece On the Road, it’s clear she is shaping up to be one of Hollywood’s leading leading ladies. So while we know she can act, and we know she can fill out an outfit, the only question that arises is what will she look like with dark hair?

Oh, well that's not so bad...

With this news we look forward to continuing our love affair with the adorable Amy Adams, as the new Superman reboot just got a whole lot more desirable, as if you could get more desirable than this…

Amy Adams pants from Night at the Museum 2: Battle for the Smithsonian

Those pants deserve a "Best Supporting" Oscar

In Theaters This Weekend: Holiday movie season FINALLY arrives!

17 Dec

We’ve been waiting patiently all November and December for the studios to start releasing their big holiday movie season blockbusters and Oscar hopefuls, and after what seems like an eternity of stringing us along with one big movie a week (or none at all), it’s finally here, and a hotly anticipated sequel is leading the pack.

TRON: Legacy, the follow-up to 1982’s underachiever-turned-cult-hit TRON, is blazing a light-bike trail into theaters, and the video game based movie is expected to rake it in this Christmas season. Riding high on nostalgia, when this sequel was announced, all the fan-boy sites lit up with excitement, and the finished product looks pretty sharp, looking like they actually got a budget for special effects this time, and rolling out in 3D, no less. Starring Garrett Hedlund and the stunning Olivia Wilde, with Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitnner reprising their roles, the only way this movie is going to suck is if they load up on CGI and nostalgia, and completely forget to write an interesting script, which surprisingly happens more often than you think…

The Fighter opens this weekend as well, and it’s making a strong case for Oscar contention. The true story of Boston boxer Micky Ward (played by Boston actor Mark Wahlberg), and his junkie brother and former boxer himself (played by Christian Bale), is the centerpiece here, and it’s the struggle between knowing when to fight for your family, and when to fight for yourself that’s going to carry this one into Oscar season. Now don’t get us wrong – if you think you’re going to see any acting better than Christian Bale this year, you’re wrong; he’s going to run away with this one. But the movie as a whole just doesn’t strike us as the same caliber as a Rocky or Raging Bull. Bale is a heavyweight here, but the rest of this movie should just throw in the towel.

Also opening up is something for the date-night set, and on paper, this looks great. Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson, in a James L. Brooks romantic comedy that deals with a couple sticky situations? Perfect, right? But then you actually take a look at the movie, How Do You Know, and ‘sticky’ becomes the best adjective you can find. Wilson, a professional baseball player, and Witherspoon, a former softball player, live together until she finally has it with his fear of commitment. Old friend Paul Rudd just so happens to be around when she walks out and tries to capitalize on her newly single status, but oh wait, didn’t you forget you were in the middle of a federal indictment that your dad Jack Nicholson keeps trying to tell you about but you keep running away so you don’t have to hear it? Doesn’t really make you seem like boyfriend material. This movie could be an easy way to kill a couple of hours and make your girlfriend happy, but all in all it can’t possibly stack up to the sum of its parts.

And last, and certainly most least, is Yogi Bear the movie, a mix of live action and 3D animation that is sure to provide the worst jokes and most groan-worthy moments of 2010. With Dan Aykroyd as the voice of Yogi, an unrecognizable Justin Timberlake as the voice of Boo Boo, and Tom Cavanaugh as a completely neutered Ranger Smith, none of the talents are used to their best potential. Cavanaugh can’t display his edgy wit, Timberlake’s voice is so manipulated that he might as well not even be in the movie, and let’s face it, Aykroyd hasn’t been funny since the first Ghostbusters. If you have kids, I can’t fault you for going to see this if they’re begging you, but for God’s sake, if you actually check this out on your own, you need to get your head checked.

In limited release: Casino Jack, the Jack Abramoff story starring Kevin Spacey as the sleazeball lobbyist is hitting select markets this weekend, and so is Rabbit Hole, based off a play about a marriage turned upside down after the death of a child, starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart.

Whew, that’s a lot of movies. At least you know that now the studios are serious about the holiday season. Can’t wait to see what’s next…

First Look: New ‘Muppets’ movie with Jason Segel

9 Nov

Entertainment Weekly is giving us our first look at the new Muppets movie, written by and starring Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Jason Segel. The new film, the first major theatrical Muppet ‘caper’ since 1999’s Muppets from Space, will feature a new Muppet named Walter, best friend and roommate to Segel’s character Gary, who gets star-struck when he meets Kermit and the other Muppets. Segel explains of Walter’s obsession, “”Walter has a little bit of a self-confidence issue because he’s the only person like him that he’s seen aside from the Muppets. His dream is to meet the Muppets and be around people who are like him.”

The film will be directed by James Bobin, who’s been writer and director for ‘The Flight of the Conchords’ and ‘Da Ali G Show,’ Nick Stoller, Segel’s director for Sarah Marshall will help with the script, and the film will co-star Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, and the ubiquitous Zach Galifianakis. The film, slated for December 25, 2011, follows Walter and Gary as they reunite the entire Muppet cast to try to save the Muppet Theater from being torn down.

Upon first look, the premise rubs us the wrong way. How or why would there be one puppet (Walter) left in the world outside of all the other Muppets? But we are kind of stoked at the possibility of following Walter and Gary around as they try to get the whole Muppet gang back together, and with Amy Adams, who already has proven her worth as a Disney star, Chris Cooper inevitably as the bad guy, and one can only guess as to what Zach Galifianakis will do, it should prove to be a fun ride. And let’s not forget, Segel already has plenty of experience working with puppets…


The Fighter

24 Sep

By josh

Let it be known, Oscar loves a fighter. As far as the professional sports go, pugilism is the number one contender when it comes to the Academy Awards. Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky, Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull – even Hilary Swank got into some girl-on-girl action in Million Dollar Baby – all won major awards, and only Stallone missed out on the acting honors, losing to Peter Finch for Network.  So when a boxing film comes along, any actor is going to beat down the door to get it – the story of the individual, rising from adversity, honing their craft, scrapping to make it to the top, dripping blood and sweat while reaching for the gold – kinda sounds like the life of an actor anyway. Plus, this one is guaranteed Oscar fodder. The Fighter is the next boxing film to get in the ring, and Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale are the latest ones chasing the title.

The true life story of street kid Micky Ward (Wahlberg) and his troubled brother Dickie (Bale) is the centerpiece here, as we see a struggling boxer get a shot at the big fight. Wahlberg’s embarrassing money bout lands him in the hot seat as the laughing stock of his Boston neighborhood, and Bale’s trouble with the law lands him in jail. After giving up, Wahlberg goes the redemption route, lets go of his brother, takes solace in the arms of a new lady, Amy Adams, and makes one last run at the title. Will Micky win this last fight, or go down with his glass chin up, making a last respectable showing? We’ll just have wait and find out…

We can’t help watching this trailer thinking we’ve already seen this movie three and four times over. The already mentioned Rocky and Raging Bull meets Gone Baby Gone and Good Will Hunting’s Boston setting. Boxing has always been the perfect metaphor for overcoming personal adversity. Not a team sport, it’s one man dealing with struggles both in and out of the ring, and their triumph is theirs and theirs alone, with coaches and women and onlookers coming in and out, helping or hurting the cause. It’s why actors love the role, as they get to prove their worth without having to share the screen time with any teammates, and why the Academy loves the films, because whether or not they win or lose, they go the distance, toe to toe with an opponent who is always portrayed as not having to work as hard to get to the title themselves. Can we ever get a boxing movie where both fighters are shown in a dramatic light? No, because that’s just not how drama works.

The thing that’s going to save this movie isn’t the directing or the choreography (boxing movies always get choreography nominations), but the acting. We’ve got Mark Wahlberg, who despite his ups and downs in role choices, has proven he can be taken seriously in Boogie Nights and The Departed. And Amy Adams’ breakout role in Enchanted has been followed up with the indie Sunshine Cleaning and charming turns in a list of chick flicks, not to mention those pants in Night at the Museum: Battle  of the Smithsonian. But the real knock out here is Christian Bale and his gaunt appearance. We’ve seen Bale dangerously drop weight before in The Machinist, and he dives in deep again here, looking like a junkie fallen boxer, who at one point could’ve been a contender, but the hardships of the neighborhood turned him to drugs and crime. Yes, Mark Wahlberg is the main character, but the star will prove to be Bale, who has proven that he can get intense on set, and drudge out all the nastiness that the role requires. He’s not afraid to look foolish, and that fear is what holds lesser actors back from achieving true greatness. If it weren’t for the lame inspirational score that takes over halfway through the clip, we’d be convinced that The Fighter could overcome its obvious influencers.

So, will it suck?

Yes. Despite the pedigree held by boxing flicks, this one just seems too easy. The struggling street hood (Rocky) with the trainer who has personal struggles (don’t forget, Paulie was a drinker) and the neighborhood girl that becomes his muse (Adriiiiiian!) – it’s Rocky with a Southie accent. It can be good, but don’t expect to walk out thinking you’ve just seen something original. However, keep an eye on Bale come Oscar time. The Academy loves a transformation; see Swank in Boys Don’t Cry, or the adage about going “full retard” in Tropic Thunder. You can expect Bale to beef back up to take on the still unnamed villain in the next Batman installment, but for now he’s committed to the role, and don’t expect The Fighter won’t go down swinging.

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