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‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Christopher Nolan gives a name to Batman 3; rules out The Riddler

28 Oct

For the first time since The Dark Knight hit theaters and began the buzz circulating around how Christopher Nolan was going to end his Batman trilogy, we finally get a break and hear the normally tight-lipped director open up (just a little) with details surrounding the film. In a conversation with the LA Times fanboy blog Hero Complex, Nolan gave us the title of the film, The Dark Knight Rises, and in even bigger news, let slip that the next villain would not be The Riddler, as many blogs had been speculating.    

With this breaking news, talk of who the next Batman villain would be scorched up the trending charts, and knowing that Nolan cast Tom Hardy, his Inception star, in a major role, speculation has been in overdrive over the past day. We are still sticking with our pick that Deadshot will be your next Batman villain, even more so now when we think about how well the British Hardy could pull off the dapper assassin. Rumors are swirling that he may be taking on the role of “Det. Harvey Bullock,” but as we now know, any rumors surrounding the ultra secretive Nolan, until confirmed, will always be just that – rumors.

Other news that Nolan dished out was that he would once again shoot in IMAX, rather than jump on the 3D bandwagon (thank God!), but we expected such a move from this classy director. Sorry to James Cameron, but 3D seems to be a gimmick only good for kid movies and schlock; Nolan’s Batman is a bit more high-brow than that. Expect to see more news trickle out as the Batman frenzy hits a fever-pitch.


The Next Batman Villain?

14 Sep

Now that there’s names and numbers in the speculation to who the next Batman villain will be, and who will be cast to play them, it’s time to revisit the much talked about topic – who do you think should be the next villain in the third, and most likely last, Christopher Nolan Batman movie? Looking at the Rogues Gallery, there are quite a few to choose from, but we just know that Killer Croc is a bit too “fantastic” for Nolan’s gritty, realistic Gotham City. Here’s a list of probables, and why or why not they’ll make the cut.

The Riddler: Already the front runner in the blogosphere, The Riddler, or Edward Nigma, is a prime choice for the villain in the third film. With no unbelievable super powers, he’s a real human with a supernatural brain, and he could easily work to fit into Nolan’s universe. With speculation fever-pitching over who will play him, Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Johnny Depp, many of the fans have already seemed to accept him as the next choice, but don’t expect Nolan to go with such a safe, well-known character to complete the third act in this already classic series.

The Penguin: Burgess Meredith epitomized the role for the screen, and Danny DeVito worked to destroy it, but as it stands, The Penguin could be re-imagined as a crime kingpin dandy who just happens to be short, and has a bizarre penchant for bird watching. Again, no otherworldly super powers to break the realism barrier, but can we be expected to believe a gritty super-villain that quacks and carries an arsenal of weapons-grade umbrellas? Even if you took out all the elements that make The Penguin too ridiculous for Nolan’s world, would you be left with anything but a name alone? Not a likely choice, considering the character has become too iconic, but for all the wrong reasons.

Catwoman: If there’s anything we haven’t seen yet, it’s a strong female antagonist in Nolan’s Gotham City. Catwoman could fill this role, and the time is right, as Bruce Wayne is nursing a romantic void left by the death of Katie Holmes/Maggie Gyllenhaal. Catwoman, or Selina Kyle, has always provided a sexuality that revealed an untapped vulnerability in the highly guarded gruff exterior of Batman. A stunted man-child, the death of his parents has left Bruce Wayne an emotional wreck, always on the verge of completely losing it, but are we prepared to see a Batman who’s up late at night because he’s baring his soul to a new girlfriend, who may or may not want to kill him? I mean, we’ve all been there before, but do we really want to see the Dark Knight cry? Not likely.

Deadshot: Dead-who? Exactly! This crimefighter-turned-assassin is our pick as the most likely next villain to grace the screen. If you remember, as The Dark Knight ends, Batman is on the run as a fugitive from the law, and Deadshot first comes to Gotham under the guise of a hero, to fight the crime that runs rampant in Batman’s absence. An expert marksman who never misses, it is soon revealed that Deadshot really wants to take the crown as underworld kingpin, and Batman must return as the only one to stop him.  At least, that’s how it plays out in our script. With a story arc that melds seamlessly with the world Nolan has already created, combined with Nolan’s penchant for going with unused characters (The Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul), I’m calling it here first – this is your next Batman villain.

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