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Indiana Jones sequel coming…but when?

6 May

I consider Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to be the greatest action/adventure film. I have been hooked to the series since seeing that first entry. Unlike many Indy fans, I was not offended by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. To clarify, I would not say that it was a good movie, but it also was not among the worst films all-time. Hell, it wasn’t even the worst movie of 2008. That title belongs to the Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me. But still, Kingdom was not good and it seemed like Indy’s future was in doubt. Fear not!

In a Vanity Fair interview, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said that Disney purchase may have given new life to the daredevil archaeologist.  She said Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm was for the Star Wars brand, but they got several other properties in the deal, including Indiana Jones. Although she did not supply specifics on a timeline for a new Jones movie, she said there were plans for a new film.

Shia - Jones hat

Not so fast Shia!

Still, it is difficult to deny that Kingdom may have turned off some hardcore and casual fans. As Jones himself put it, “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” And after the 2008 entry, Jones is looking more like a used Volvo than the 1937 Mercedes 300c.

Jones - Car


In Theaters This Weekend: Still waiting one more week until Avengers

24 Apr

Today marks a milestone in movie releases….not that there are great movies coming out, but it marks one week until Avengers: Age of Ultron gets released, and kicks off the 2015 Summer Movie season! (Yay!!!)

But until then we still have a weekend of releases to get through, and could you guess, there’s not much…

The Age of Adaline – starring Blake Lively, Harrison Ford

So someone thought it’d be fun to remake Benjamin Button but with a female lead. Or is this a female Picture of Dorian Gray? Either way, it’s a time movie about Blake Lively who in the 1930s, gets into a car crash (and then almost drowns…and then gets struck by lightning) and the combination of the three horrific events has now left her unable to age. So when she’s stopped by police in 1953, they’re amazed that she’s 45 years old(!), even though Lively only looks like the 28 year-old she is in real life….and will probably look the exact same when she’s actually 45. It’s an interesting premise, albeit one that’s been done much, much better before (see again: Dorian Grey), but there’s a plot where she’s constantly on the run, and changing her identity, because I guess it’s weird for people to meet a 60 year-old woman looks like a 28 year-old movie star. And I guess maybe the government wants to probe her, to see how she’s pulling off this trick….or maybe it’s Oil of Olay – I don’t know. But there’s also a love story here, or maybe a love-triangle, as she dates and then leaves, a young Harrison Ford, and then years-and-years later, she takes up with a young guy, and goes to meet his parents, and guess who his dad is….! (hint: it’s Harrison Ford). Shot like a Nicholas Sparks-movie, you’d think a person would take the ability to never age as a Godsend, but in this film, it comes off like a burden, and “oh whoa is me, I could never keep a man because then he’ll know my horrible secret….that even though he will someday get old and gray, I’ll still look like a 28-year-old movie star”…..Man, that would really stink. I think I’d rather go try this anti-aging trick of swimming during an lightning storm, than sit through Age of Adeline, but if you like young hot chicks, and schmaltzy father-son love triangles, then be my guest.
Ex Machina – starring Oscar Isaac, Domnhall Gleeson 

Ex Machina
is a weird Blade Runner/A.I. type movie, where robots have feelings, and are confused why they don’t deserve every right to life that Man possesses. So it’s interesting that when Ava, the robot in this movie, meets a new person for the first time (Domnhall Gleeson), she befriends, and flirts with him, and begs him to take her away, almost sensing that her creator (Oscar Isaac), is about to turn her off, to upgrade, like we do with our phones, to the new Ava 2 (which is thinner, and lighter, and has a bigger screen). Remember when Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with his computer in Her? Well, it’s sort of the same thing, except Ava isn’t just an operating system, and she has a smoking body. First-time director Alex Garland (who wrote Sunshine and 28 Days Later) wears his love for Stanley Kubrick on his sleeve, and there are obvious nods to The Shining and HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (not to mention, the aforementioned, unfinished Kubrick project A.I. that Steve Spielberg ended up directing). Ex Machina probably builds its slow-burn creepy factor up to a twist-ending, and could be just weird enough, with just the right amount of Kubrickian-spice, to make a good movie. But then again, it could just wind up being all curves, and no soul.


Cowboys & Aliens

27 Nov

By josh

Hollywood is in love with alien invasion movies lately. Skyline premiered earlier this month, and the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles is now previewing in theaters. It seems like there’s a veritable invasion movie renaissance happening right now. However, what those two movies have in  common – hostile aliens invading modern-day L.A. – is probably the biggest thing that sets it apart from next summer’s big close encounter flick, Cowboys & Aliens, as the name so clearly gives away, these aliens make their run at earth’s domination in the wild, wild west. With a premise that has B-movie written all over it, this Steve Spielberg-produced, Jon Favreau-directed film looks to be an A-list blockbuster of the first kind.

The trailer opens up with Daniel Craig awaking alone in the desert with no memory, and a strange other-worldly metal bracelet on his left wrist. He proves to be a wanted man, and lawmaker Harrison Ford wants the rights to him after he’s captured by a local posse. All standard practices in any western, oh, but then I forgot about the alien attack. Spaceships come down and start tearing up the frontier town, and you can officially kiss your traditional western goodbye. Ford and Craig team up, Olivia Wilde plays the beautiful girl, and that bracelet on James Bond’s wrist proves to be the only weapon that can stop the unfriendly visitors. So far, so good.

How this movie has kept such a low profile while in production is beyond me, but from this first look, it looks to be a lot of fun. It’s great to see Daniel Craig team up with Harrison Ford who, aside from the phenomenally disappointing return to the Indiana Jones universe with Crystal Skull, hasn’t been in a legitimate action movie in years. It is going to be incredibly fun to see Ford in a serious action role again, for despite its silly premise and steampunk cues, Cowboys & Aliens takes on a more serious tone. With a feel of the recent War of the Worlds remake (the sights and sounds are very reminiscent), we’re in for a thriller of an alien movie, with one hell of a twist.

The people you can thank for that tone is Worlds director Spielberg, and Favreau, who after proving he can bring box office gold with Iron Man, has gotten quite the clout as big-time director in Hollywood. It’s clear that as producer, Spielberg’s got his fingerprints all over this, and he’s got quite the track record with alien films, with Worlds and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But let’s not forget who was responsible for that completely misguided fourth Indian Jones film, and despite Favreau’s recent success, unfortunately we remember the last time he visited space with 2005’s Zathura. Both director’s have hits and misses when it comes to science fiction, but with Spielberg they’ve proved rare, and hopefully Favreau can continue to ride this high.

So, will it suck?

No. And I say that as objectively as I can. Yes, I love Steven Spielberg; yes, I’m a huge fan of both Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig; yes, I’m in love with Olivia Wilde, and I’ve been rooting for Favreau since Swingers came out in the 90’s. But viewing this trailer, you’ve got two things going on – you’ve got the Old West-meets-aliens thing going on, and you’ve got a smirk-free, straight-faced take on it. How easy would it have been to be tongue-in-cheek with this one? I mean, remember what happened with Wild Wild West? We praise the person who proposed this movie, and after studio execs had a good chuckle, said “No, I’m serious.” Aside from the great casting choices, the thing that’s making this movie work for me is that fact that Favreau and Spielberg are taking a good idea seriously, no matter how ridiculous the concept may be.

In Theaters This Weekend: Three big movies give us déjà vu

12 Nov

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘wait a minute – I’ve been here before’? Well, no doubt you’ve experienced a bout of déjà vu, and if you’re heading to theaters this weekend, no doubt it’ll happen again. Not one, but all three of the major releases this week remind us of previous movies; and we’re not talking remakes here. These are first run films that just happen to be all too familiar.

First up is Skyline, an alien invasion movie that critics and the public-at-large are calling a cross between Independence Day and War of the Worlds. And rightfully so, with the alien ships descending from the clouds over Los Angeles a la ID4, sucking up earthlings in their bowels, just like they did in WotW. The major difference separating this film from the blockbusters it bites from is there isn’t a Will Smith or Tom Cruise moving the plot along, so why should we care if the human race is doomed?

Next is Unstoppable, a runaway train movie starring Denzel Washington as a veteran train conductor, and ‘Captain Kirk’ Chris Pine as the rookie in the midst of his first day on the job. The train in question is loaded with hazardous cargo and can’t…be…stopped. Not only does this film remind us of Speed, and even Speed 2: Cruise Control, but even more horrific is how similar the plot is to Under Siege 2, the outta control train movie with Steven Seagal; not the best star to hitch your wagon to. While we believe that Denzel and Pine are a legitimate and up-and-coming actor respectively, any trailer that shows the same action scene twice (collision at :54 and 1:35), is obviously hurting for suspense. Our take? Somebody should’ve hit the brakes on this project a long time ago.

And the last big film of the week, Morning Glory, wears its influence so shamelessly on its sleeve that the trailer even says “From the screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada.” Think of Rachel McAdams as an understudy for Anne Hathaway, and replace the high pressure world of fashion with the high pressure world of network news. Co-starring Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton as morning anchors that can’t stand each other, it’s fitting that the call letters for the major television network stand-in is IBS, because I’d rather have irritable bowel syndrome than to have to sit through this. Ford and Keaton might save this from getting cancelled, but the biggest ratings boost is the chance to see McAdams in her underwear.

So, enter the theaters this weekend at your own risk, or just head to the video store and save your money. And if you’re tired of reading or are illiterate, check out our video previews on Will It Suck? TV, our new weekly vodcast hosted on metromix.com; quick, easy, and like a shotgun to your senses.

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